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Saturday, 5 May 2018

The Book Fairies Come to Upchurch

What do The Book Fairies do?

The Book Fairies hide books around the world everyday for other people to find, read, then leave for the next person to find... read... then hide again!

They give books another lease of life by passing them on to the next person, and encouraging this behaviour going forward.

They choose their hiding locations carefully, so that they can leave the book without being seen, but also the book needs to be visible enough for the next person to spot it! Book Fairies are often carrying large bags full of books, with the telltale green and white sticker.

Who are The Book Fairies?

Book Fairies are around the world, and could be anyone. They share a love of reading and a desire to share books with others! Currently, there are over 100 countries involved, from New Zealand to the U.A.E., and they've created a community of book lovers.

Anyone can be a Book Fairy!

Anyone can be a Book Fairy. If you have a pile of books you want to share, or simply want to share a book each time you finish reading it.

Book Fairies in Upchurch

Zara Parker has just become a Book Fairy herself and will be hiding 2 children's books next week in well know local locations. Zara will post pictures which we will share on our pages, so keep an eye out if you'd like to try and find them.

If you would like to donate books to be hidden in and around Upchurch, then please message Zara at the link to her Facebook profile here ☞

The Book Fairies are on Facebook, Instagram and they have a website too.

The Book Fairies on Facebook
The Book Fairies oInstagram
The Book Fairies Website ☞

Do you believe in The Book Fairies?