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Notice Board Archive

Thursday, 2 August 2018

Upchurch Horticultural Society - Meetings and Events 2018

Sponsored by Upchurch River Valley Golf Course Ltd

Upchurch Horticultural Society Meetings and Events 2018 in conjunction with Stockbury Cottage Gardeners
(UHS events start at 7:30pm, SCG events start at 8:00pm)

Upchurch Horticultural Society
97 Chaffes Lane

September 5th - Planning September Show

September 15th - September Show

October 3rd - Planning Late Show

October 20th - Late Show

November 7th - 2019 Schedule Planning

Stockbury Cottage Gardeners
Stockbury Village Hall

November 1st - Jean Griffin from Radio Kent on "Tales from the Potting Shed"

Sean Barry - Upchurch Horticultural Society