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Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Surgery Patient Participation Group - Upchurch & Rainham

The Chair welcomed three new members representing the Rainham Surgery.

The committee for this year are as follows:-

Mr Ray KEMSLEY (chair), Mr David CANDY (co-vice chair), Mrs Jackie BROWN (co-vice chair), Mrs Janice BUNTING (Secretary), Mrs Gill RENSHAW, David KEW, Rev Ron PARTRIDGE, Mrs Rosemary COWLING, Mrs Kathryn RUTSON and Mr Paul RUTSON.

Surgery Representatives - Mrs Marian RICHARDSON and Mrs Michelle WILLIAMSON.

VENTOLIN Inhaler (reliever)

Ventolin inhalers (reliever) are being overused by patients because preventive inhalers are NOT being used properly.

In future VENTOLIN issues MAY be reviewed by the nurse when requested and when necessary.

Preventer Inhalers are not being used as directed

Missed Appointments

As last time this still a major concern with patients not attending appointments and/or informing either their local surgery or the Medway Hospital that they cannot attend.

A total 37 patients failed to keep appointments during December 2017.

For the year, January to December 2017, a total of 475 patients failed to attend appointments (94 from the Upchurch/Lower Halstow area).

If you find you are unable to keep an appointment please give the surgery as much notice as as possible by Tel: 01634 231423 or also inform the Hospital of any appointments you are unable to attend.

With the increasing demand on the NHS, please inform your Doctor or Hospital if you are unable to attend.

Shingles Vaccination

If you are 74 years old this year, you should receive a letter inviting you to have a shingles vaccination just after your birthday, if not then please contact your surgery.

Bowel Cancer Screening

Patients are still NOT taking the offer up when they receive the letter/test kit in the post, and those failing to return are increasing monthly in the last 12 months.

Can you really afford to ignore such an offer?

It is your health, take care of it

Prevent before it’s too late!

Mobile Telephone Appointments

Have you informed your surgery that you have a mobile telephone and more importantly the mobile number?

If not, please do so.

This will enable you to receive a text message reminding you of the appointment you have made and hopefully reduce the number of missed appointments.

Purchasing of Minor Drugs (Paracetamol/Ibuprofen etc)

The response from patients has been very positive and a big ‘Thank you’ to all concerned. Please continue to do so. It not only saves time for the Doctors and receptionists but also helps in saving money.

Repeat Prescriptions/Register On-line with Patient Access

Please don’t ask for drugs that you DO NOT need.

NB Morning Surgery Dates

To accommodate staff training on the following dates the normal afternoon surgeries at UPCHURCH will be replaced by a morning session from 10:00am to 1:00pm.

Wednesday 20th April
Thursday 21st June
Wednesday 18th July
Wednesday 22nd August 
Wednesday 17th October 2018

If you have any questions or suggestions on the local practice, then please Email
Jan Bunting (Secretary) or 
Ray Kemsley (Chair)

Ray Kemsley
Chair - Surgery Patient Participation Group - Upchurch & Rainham