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Sunday, 4 March 2018

The Beast From The East - Winter 2018

#TheBeastFromTheEast was forecast and it really did bring us the week of snowy, icy conditions and freezing cold temperatures the weathermen said it would.

Not being on any council gritting routes meant the heavy snow caused untold disruption to our village country lanes, side roads, public transport and services.

Residents showed great community spirit though and helped each other out. With support from local tractors fitted with snow ploughs, 4x4 drivers and essential supplies which still made it through to the Co-op, Upchurch and the surrounding villages coped well during the kind of harsh weather we rarely see these days.

A chilling overnight low temperature of -16.3ยบ c was recorded in Holywell Lane and we even experienced ‘Freezing Rain’. Local Creeks froze over and delivery drivers and motorists got stuck in deep snow drifts.

Nearly all local schools were closed and perhaps the nicest thing to see was the school children all out knocking for their friends, away from their iPad and XBox screens for hours on end, enjoying one of the simplest pleasures in life - sledging.

This week saw some of the longest, busiest days I’ve known since running Upchurch Mattters. We passed on all the important information to residents we could across both Facebook and Twitter, and we hope everyone found this service useful. Keeping up was frantic at times!

A big thank you to everyone who messaged us this week with information to share, also for the lovely snowy pictures you have been sending in, and of course the wonderful videos you’ve filmed by drone. Jason’s stunning video really has gone viral and has been viewed over 6000 times already!

Weeks like this highlight the continued relevance of Upchurch Matters within our local community and has meant our Facebook page reached a whopping 27,000 people this week.

We're always grateful for all the support you give the website throughout the year.

Thanks to everyone for all your likes, shares and comments over this past week.

A great village effort!

Enjoy the warmer weather.

Upchurch Matters