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Friday, 24 February 2017

Swale Weekly Planning List - 24th February 2017

The latest list of applications received by the Council under the Town and Country Planning Acts.

You may inspect a copy of any application on our online planning database or at the Sheppey Gateway, 38-42 High street, Sheerness, Kent, ME12 1NL, or Alexander Centre, 15 Preston Street, Faversham, Kent, ME13 8NZ or Swale Borough Council, Swale House, East Street, Sittingbourne, Kent, ME10 3HT.

You can make your comments online or by email to: or in writing to MKIP Planning Support Service, Maidstone House, King Street, Maidstone ME15 6JQ. Applications with the following suffix: ADJ, AGRIC, COUNTY, CPD, DEMO, SUB, TELNOT, TCA, NMAND, EIASCR or EIASCO are for information only. If an application is a householder application, in the event that an appeal is made against a decision of the Council to refuse to grant planning permission for the proposed development, and that appeal then proceeds by way of the expedited procedure under the written representations procedure, any representations will be passed to the Secretary of State and there will be no opportunity to make further representation.

Please be aware that any comments and your name and address will be placed on file, which will be available for public inspection and published in full on the Internet. We will not publish your signature, email address or phone number on our website. If you make any written comments we will notify you of the outcome of the application. We will not make a decision on any application referred to in this list before 21 days from the date when the application was registered as valid except for those with the following suffix: ADJ, AGRIC, COUNTY, CPD, DEMO, SUB, TELNOT, TCA, NMAND, EIASCR or EIASCO.

Application: 16/508590/FULL
Officer: Andrew Spiers
Grid: 601666/161056
Ward: Abbey
Parish: Faversham Town
Address: 29 Newton Road Faversham Kent ME13 8DZ
Proposal: Retrospective application for use the existing lower ground floor accomodation for rental.
Applicant: Wenche Immink
Contact Address: 29 Newton Road Faversham Kent ME13 8DZ

Application: 17/500736/FULL
Officer: Andrew Spiers
Grid: 608481/161492
Ward: Boughton And Courtenay
Parish: Hernhill
Address: The Old Farmhouse  Dargate Road Dargate Kent ME13 9HB
Proposal: Two storey side extension. Rear single storey extension. Internal alterations.
Applicant: Miss Samantha Denham
Contact Address: The Old Farmhouse Belvedere Farm Dargate Faversham Kent

Application: 17/500991/SUB
Officer: Tracy Day
Grid: 586550/162369
Ward: Borden And Grove Park
Parish: Borden

Address: 1-2 Woodgate Cottages  Woodgate Lane Borden ME9 8JX
Proposal: Submission of Details to Discharge Condition 3 (Details of Samples of External Finishing Materials) Subject to SW/14/0107
Applicant: Mr Anish Mangal
Contact Address: 1-2 Woodgate Cottages  Woodgate Lane BORDEN ME9 8JX

Application: 17/500751/FULL
Officer: Paul Gregory
Grid: 590561/163667
Ward: Chalkwell
Address: 113 High Street Sittingbourne Kent ME10 4AJ
Proposal: Demolition of storage buildings, conversion of first and second floor to two flats and addition of dormer windows
Applicant: Mr Hamish Osborn
Contact Address: C/O Mr Marshall Pont 67 Mackerels Plain Back Lane Ide Hill Sevenoaks TN14 6BW

Application: 17/500713/FULL
Officer: Emma Eisinger
Grid: 590304/164097
Ward: Chalkwell
Address: Sittingbourne Mill & Wharf Sites Adjacent Milton Road/Mill Way/Charlotte Street Sittingbourne Kent ME10 3ET
Proposal: Minor material amendment to condition 5 of outline planning approval SW/11/0159 (Hybrid application seeking; outline planning permission (Phases 3,4 & 5) for up to 1,200sqm of leisure use floorspace, 250sqm of community floorspace, 150 residential units, in buildings ranging from 2 to 4 storeys in height, together with car and cycle parking; and incorporating detailed planning permission (Phase 1) for a retail food store of 6,682sqm, petrol filling station of 72sqm together with associated landscaping, car and cycle parking & full landscaping detail for new parkland areas (Phases 2 & 3). ) - to amend the siting of the housing blocks to match the detailed engineered design
Applicant: Abbey Developments Ltd
Contact Address: C/O NC Architects Ltd FAO. Mr Andrew Wakefield 23 High Street Wroughton Swindon SN4 9JX

Application: 17/500851/FULL
Officer: Paul Gregory
Grid: 590867/163595
Ward: Chalkwell
Address: 29 High Street Sittingbourne Kent ME10 4AW
Proposal: Change of use of redundant atcost concrete framed building to Dental Laboratory. New roof and creation of first floor and changes to fenestration.
Applicant: Elite Dental Properties
Contact Address: C/O Kent Desgn Partnership F.A.O Mr D Batson Grove Dairy Farm Bobbing Hill Bobbing Sittingbourne

Application: 17/500932/SUB
Officer: Emma Eisinger
Grid: 593223/174888
Ward: Sheerness

Address: Land To The Rear Of Seager Road Sheerness Kent ME12 2BE
Proposal: Submission of Details to Discharge Condition 7 (Details of Precautions to guard against mud and substances on highways) and Condition 8 (Details for Relocation of Bus Stop and Shelter) Subject to SW/12/0848
Applicant: McCullochs
Contact Address: C/O Mr Laurence Mineham Ubique Architects 11 Ashford House Beaufort Court Sir Thomas Longley Road Rochester Kent

Application: 16/508666/FULL
Officer: Aaron Wilkinson
Grid: 582964/164279
Ward: Hartlip, Newington And Upchurch
Parish: Hartlip
Address: 2 Roman Villas Place Lane Hartlip Kent ME9 7TS
Proposal: Side ground floor extension.
Applicant: Mr Peter Scott
Contact Address: C/O Mr James Bennet 756 Maidstone Road Rainham Kent ME8 0LR

Application: 17/500825/FULL
Officer: Ross McCardle
Grid: 583033/167030
Ward: Hartlip, Newington And Upchurch
Parish: Upchurch
Address: Land Adjacent To Crescent House Gills Terrace Otterham Quay Lane Upchurch Kent
Proposal: Erection of 5 no. 4 bedroom houses, with associated parking and refuse store
Applicant: Mr  Bailey Partners Ltd.
Contact Address: C/O Kent Design Partnership FAO. Mr Jonathan Williams Grove Dairy Farm Bobbing Hill Bobbing Sittingbourne

Application: 17/500959/SUB
Officer: Ross McCardle
Grid: 584329/167520
Ward: Hartlip, Newington And Upchurch
Parish: Upchurch
Address: 2 Horsham Lane Upchurch ME9 7AL
Proposal: Submission of details pursuant to Condition 15: Rainwater goods, Condition 23: Site entrance surfacing and Condition 24: Cycle storage (original application ref: 15/503300/FULL).
Applicant: Mr Paul Ashby
Contact Address: C/O Mr David Bellamy Innovation Centre Medway Maidstone Road Chatham ME5 9FD

Application: 17/500742/FULL
Officer: Paul Gregory
Grid: 595697/173211
Ward: Minster Cliffs
Parish: Minster-On-Sea
Address: 13 Princes Avenue Minster-on-sea Kent ME12 2HJ
Proposal: Demolition of existing 2 bed detached bungalow with detached garage,to be replaced with 2 x 2 bed detached bungalow with off road parking.
Applicant: Mr Harrison Roach
Contact Address: 13 Princes Avenue Minster-on-sea Kent ME12 2HJ

Application: 17/500893/SUB
Officer: Thandi Zulu
Grid: 592074/164075
Ward: Murston

Parish: Unparished
Address: Ceres Court Sittingbourne Kent ME10 3FW
Proposal: Submission of Details to Discharge Condition 12 -Hard surface Method Statement subject to 15/508661/FULL
Applicant: Mr Matthew Byatt
Contact Address: Chartway Group Ltd Orchard House Westerhill Road Coxheath Maidstone

Application: 17/500972/SUB
Officer: Ross McCardle
Grid: 591674/164068
Ward: Murston
Parish: Unparished
Address: 15A Dolphin Park  Upper Field Road Eurolink Sittingbourne ME10 3RN
Proposal: Submission of details pursuant to condition 2 (Details of proposed external pallet and external cantilever racking) for planning permission 16/508557/FULL.
Applicant: Mr Mark Kingsbury
Contact Address: 45  Portsmouth Road COBHAM KT11 1JQ

Application: 17/500784/SUB
Officer: Emma Eisinger
Grid: 590933/171782
Ward: Queenborough And Halfway
Parish: Queenborough
Address: Klondyke And Twyfords Sites, Former Caradon Works, Rushenden Road, Queenborough, Sheerness,
Proposal: Submission of Details pursuant of Condition 14 - Risk Assessment, Condition 15 - Works, Condition 16 - Remediation Strategy, Condition 19 - Contamination and Condition 26 - Remediation Verification of SW/13/1550.
Applicant: Mr Jason Hobbs
Contact Address: C/O Mr Grant Plain Campbell Reith Raven House 29 Linkfield Lane Redhill Surrey

Application: 17/500802/FULL
Officer: Sara Potter
Grid: 591633/163411
Ward: Roman
Address: 30 Canterbury Road Sittingbourne Kent ME10 4SD
Proposal: Proposed change of use of garage to habitable room.
Applicant: Mr & Mrs P Forgione
Contact Address: C/O Nigel Sands & Associates F.A.O Mr Nigel Sands Wises Oast Business Centre  Wises Lane Borden Sittingbourne

Application: 17/500945/NMAMD
Officer: Thandi Zulu
Grid: 595018/172313
Ward: Sheppey Central
Parish: Minster-On-Sea
Address: Land At Lavender Avenue Minster-on-sea Kent ME12 3RB
Proposal: Non Material Amendment being substitution drawing number 3653/.07B to 3653/2.07D with regards to the Material Schedule  Phase 1 subject to 16/504266/FULL
Applicant: Jones Homes Southern
Contact Address: C/O Mr Phillip Allsop Britch & Associates Ltd 31 The Crescent Salford M5 4PF

Application: 17/501000/SUB
Officer: Claire Attaway
Grid: 593864/167981
Ward: Sheppey Central
Parish: Minster-On-Sea
Address: Barn At Kingshill Farm Kingshill Farm Track Minster-on-sea Kent
Proposal: Submission of Details to Discharge Condition 3 (Joinery Details) Condition 4 (Constructional Details) Condition 5 (Rooflights) Condition 6 (Details of Roof Eaves) Condition 7 (Mechanical Ventilation) And Condition 9 (Archaeological Watching Brief) Subject to 16/507307/FULL
Applicant: ECT (Conservation) Ltd
Contact Address: C/O Tim Ellis Tim Ellis Conservation Architect Parsonage House The Street Smarden Nr Ashford

Application: 17/500766/FULL
Officer: Ross McCardle
Grid: 603228/170386
Ward: Sheppey East
Parish: Leysdown
Address: Harts Holiday Camp  Leysdown Road Leysdown ME12 4RG
Proposal: Variation of Condition (4) to allow the roof of the building to be installed in advance of the completion of any sewer requisition only in accordance with the measures for the discharge of surface water provided in the submission "Interim Surface Water Containment Measures". of planning Permission 16/505151/FULL - Part demolition and extension of existing clubhouse for Assembly and Leisure uses (D2) together with Shop (A1); Amusement Arcade; Laundrette; Reception and Office (B1); Storage (B8); Plant Room; WC's; Relocation of Play Area and Equipment; reconfigured Site Road; Parking and associated Facilities.
Applicant: Park Holidays UK Ltd
Contact Address: C/O Rural & Urban Planning Consultancy F.A.O Mr Ian Butter 121 Abbey Road South Shore Blackpool FY4 2PY

Application: 17/500971/SUB
Officer: Ross McCardle
Grid: 590707/174682
Ward: Sheerness West
Parish: Sheerness
Address: Port Of Sheerness, Isle Of Sheppey, Kent, ME12 1RS
Proposal: Submission of Details to pursuant to Condition 10 A - Noise and Condition 10 B - Wind Turbines subject SW/13/1395
Applicant: Mr Stephen Snowdon
Contact Address: Intru Trafford Centre Port Of Sheerness Wind Farm Ltd Peel Dome The Trafford Centre Manchester

Application: 16/508474/LBC
Officer: Maria Tomalova
Grid: 594434/162561
Ward: Teynham And Lynsted
Parish: Lynsted With Kingsdown
Address: Claxfield Farm House Claxfield Road Lynsted Kent ME9 9PX
Proposal: Listed Building Consent for removal of existing windows and replacing with new windows.
Applicant: Mrs Leah Harley
Contact Address: Claxfield Farm House Claxfield Road Lynsted Kent ME9 9PX

Application: 16/508518/FULL
Officer: Graham Thomas
Grid: 590104/160652
Ward: West Downs
Parish: Tunstall
Address: 1050 Cornforth Drive Kent Science Park Sittingbourne Kent ME9 8PX Proposal: Demolition of building 1050 and New Build 2-storey Hub facility providing cafe, management suite and meeting rooms and associated landscaping.
Applicant: AG Kent B.V
Contact Address: C/O Corstorphine + Wright The Old Library Hagely Road Stourbridge DY81QH

Application: 17/500827/LAWPRO
Officer: Claire Attaway
Grid: 592945/163070
Ward: West Downs
Parish: Bapchild
Address: 60 Doubleday Drive Bapchild Kent ME9 9PJ
Proposal: Lawful Development Certificate for proposed single storey rear extension and loft conversion.
Applicant: Mr & Mrs Julians
Contact Address: C/O Mr John Tomlin F.A.O Mr John Tomlin 10-12 High Street Snodland ME6 5DF

Application: 17/500671/LAWPRO
Officer: Aaron Wilkinson
Grid: 589252/165033
Ward: The Meads
Address: 5 Amber Rise Sittingbourne Kent ME10 5JE
Proposal: Lawful development certificate (Proposed) Demolition of existing conservatory and erection of new single storey rear extension
Applicant: Mr Daniel Cole
Contact Address: 5 Amber Rise Sittingbourne Kent ME10 5JE

Application: 17/500719/FULL
Officer: Sara Potter
Grid: 589768/162471
Ward: Woodstock
Parish: Tunstall
Address: 19 Roseleigh Road Sittingbourne Kent ME10 1RR
Proposal: Conversion of hipped roof to gable, including the creation of a new rear dormer and an enlargement of an existing dormer.
Applicant: Ms Sait
Contact Address: C/O S W D Surveying Limited FAO: Mr Steven Dennis 16 Cranford Close Rainham ME8 7HD
Mid Kent Planning Services